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11.04.2017 | Events

UPDATE - Prof. Thiele Invited Speaker at DATE

Slides are now available - Prof. Thiele will give a talk in two weeks (29.03), on the future of Design for IoT at the 2017 DATE Conference Read more 

01.03.2017 | Events

TEC Winter Sport Day

Sledging in the Flümserberg - Snow, bumps, and sunshine for a nice social TEC event! Read more 

05.01.2017 | Events

Invited Talk - Prof. Kay Römer, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Dependable Internet of Things  - Tuesday, Jan 10, 11:00 - 12:00, ETZ E81 Read more 

09.12.2016 | Events

Invited Talk - Prof. Rodolfo Pellizzoni, University of Waterloo, Canada

Timing isolation for memory systems - Friday, Dec 16, 11:15 - 12:00, ETZ E7 Read more 

09.12.2016 | Events

Invited Talk - Prof. Alan Burns, University of York, UK

Improving the Schedulability of Mixed Criticality Cyclic Executives via Limited Task Splitting Tuesday, Dec 13, 2.15 pm - 3pm, ETZ E6  Read more 

20.09.2016 | Events

TEC Autumn Group Hike

What better way of enjoying the last bits of sunshine than a hike around a nice lake! Read more 

05.07.2016 | Events

Invited Talk - July 11, 11.15, ETZ E81

PASTE: ultra low-power system and software technologies for computer vision-based portable devices - Shiao-Li (Charles) Tsao, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Read more 

31.05.2016 | Events

Invited Talk - June 06, 03.15, HG G26.1

Memcomputing: from abstract machines to practical realizations - Prof. Fabio Lorenzo Traversa, University of California San Diego & Politecnico di Torino Read more 

09.05.2016 | Events

Invited Talk - May 31, 01.15, HG E1.1

COMPRESSIVE SENSING: FROM ALGORITHMS TO CIRCUITS - Prof. Gianluca Setti, University of Ferrara, Italy  Read more 

25.03.2016 | Events

TEC Ski-day

This year, the traditionnal TEC Ski-Day was at Hoch-Ybrig. Read more 

05.01.2016 | Events

TIK New Year's Dinner

A guided tour behind the scenes of the Zurich Opera House and the ensuing TIK New Year's Dinner Read more 

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