EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award


Dr. Marco Zimmerling Wins 2016 EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award. Congratulations!


Dr. Marco Zimmerling, formerly doctoral student at TEC, was recently announced to receive the 2016 EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award! Congratulations!!

The committee honors Dr. Zimmerling for his thesis "End-to-end Predictability and Efficiency in Low-power Wireless Networks", which he completed at ETH Zurich. Dr. Zimmerling has been leading cfaed's Networked Embedded Systems Group since November 2015.

In recognition of the importance of university research to the advancement of design automation and test, and to encourage young researchers to work in the field, EDAA (European Design and Automation Association) has established an award for outstanding Ph.D. dissertations in 4 categories

  1. New directions in software design and optimization for embedded, cyber-physical and secure systems.
  2. New directions in system-on-chip platforms co-design, novel architectures and system-level management.
  3. New directions in logic, physical design and CAD for analog/mixed-signal, nano-scale and emerging technologies.
  4. New directions in robust circuit design, reliability-aware design and system test

Dr. Marco Zimmerling was awarded the prize for the first category. All receipients will be awarded at the DATE 2017 Conference and Exhibition, to be held March 27 - 31 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

EDAA Outstanding Dissertations Award 2016 - Press release

End-to-end Predictability and Efficiency in Low-power Wireless Networks
Marco Zimmerling
TIK-Schriftenreihe, Doctoral Thesis, Zürich, ETH-Zürich, 2015.
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