Fixposition, a startup from TEC to be incubated!


Co-founded by Zhenzhong Su and Tonio Gsell, the startup Fixposition as been selected by ESA BIC Switzerland to be incubated. Congratulations! 

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ESA BIC operates a technology transfer programme offering targeted support and funding to start-ups in the field of space technologies and applications. In this context, we are very happy to announce they chose to selected Fixposition as one of the start-ups to be supported and funded by the program. Congrat's! 

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Zhenzhong Su
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Tonio Gsell

Fixposition offers to its clients a reliable high precision positioning service. Combining GNSS data from a reference station, e.g. provided by GPS, Fixposition’s algorithm is capable to offer centimeter-level positioning to mobile devices even in obstructed environments. It is designed to be used in a wide variety of possible applications, like UAV navigation, self-driving, agricultural machinery, surveying and more.

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